HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille
HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille


If there's anything you'd like to know about our service, we're always here to help!

You can reach out to us anytime, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


What processors do you use?

Most of our processors are Dual Intel Xeon 2680v4 - 28 cores - 128 Gb, and our base pricing is based on these processors.

However, if you need other types of processors, we also have available:
AMD Ryzen 2700X - 8 cores - 32 Gb, AMD ThreadRipper 2950X - 16 cores - 128 Gb, AMD ThreadRipper 2990WX - 32 cores - 128 GB, AMD Ryzen 3700X - 8 cores - 32 Gb to mention some.

We have also GPUs available.

Do you offer a storage service?

Yes, we do. By default, each account can access 10 GB of Cloud Storage for your projects. Please feel free to contact us if you need more space or locally secured space in our data center in Finland.

What is the security of your system?

We take security seriously, and the platform incorporates encryption and authentication technologies to provide end-to-end protection for your data. Some of the actions we and our technology partner take include:

-The REST API is accessible via HTTP/S or a dedicated line.

-TLS/IPSEC protocol implementation on all nodes with client authentication.

-.Compute nodes use stateless protocols (no storage). Your files will always remain confidential.

- To guarantee performance and total isolation between clients, each node is dedicated entirely to the task of a single client: we use a bare metal infrastructure.

- Once the task is completed, no data remains on the node.

- We can offer space in public cloud or in-private network storage.

The platform is ISO 27001 and HDS (Health Data Hosting) certified. We have also successfully passed several independent security audits for our technology partner’s clients conducted, e.g., in the banking sector.

Can I use my own Docker image?

Yes, if you have a Docker image, we can support it (you can use your own or an existing Docker Hub image). Our team will gladly help you set up if necessary. You can fully use our automated platform without Docker knowledge for Blender and Maya users.

What is your network speed?

We use fast optic fiber connections both to the Internet and internally. We have several connections for robustness. For specific speeds, get in touch with us.

Is there a prioritization between tasks?

Yes, the platform distributes and prioritizes the computations automatically. The system is designed to ensure maximum performance for all users. The priorities of the tasks are configurable, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have specific needs. The resources assigned to a given job can vary during the day. If all processors are already used, your task may be queued; otherwise, as many resources as possible will be allocated to your computing job.

What software do you support?

We can support various media software, and here is a list of some most popular ones:
- Arnold for Maya
- Arnold standalone
- Autodesk 3DS Max
- Blender
- C4D
- Corona
- FFmpeg
- Guerilla
- Maya
- Nuke
- Redshift
- RenderMan
- V-Ray Chaos
- V-Ray standalone

We also support the following software for your projects:
- AutoSklearn
- Docker
- FreeFem
- JupyterLab
- Kaniko
- LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulator
- Meshroom
- MLflow
- OpenFOAM
- ParaViewWeb
- Python
- PyTorch
- SickitLearn
- Spark Cluster
- TensorFlow

If your software is not included on the list, please get in touch with us, as we can cater to most applications.


Is support included in the service?

Yes, support is available by email during Finnish business hours. We can offer a dedicated support person, phone support, and longer support hours if you need more help.

Can you sign NDAs?

Yes, of course. Get in touch if an NDA is required for our collaboration.

Why would I need your rendering farm?

Why would I need your rendering farm?

How does your rendering farm work?

When a rendering job is submitted to the farm, the central management server distributes the workload to available compute nodes. The nodes then render frames in parallel, dividing the task into smaller segments. Once completed, the frames are assembled into a final output.

Can I scale my rendering farm as my needs grow?

Absolutely yes, our rendering farm is designed for scalability. You can add more computing nodes to handle larger projects or increase the farm's processing power to accommodate growing rendering demands. We currently have over 70 000 cores available. And our systems scale automatically based on your job demand.

What is a high-performance computing rendering farm?

Our high-performance computing (HPC) farm is a cluster of powerful computers interconnected to process complex computing tasks efficiently. It is commonly used in animation, film production, architectural visualization, and scientific simulations to generate high-quality images or videos. Our farm can also be used for other kinds of scientific calculations and simulations.

What benefits do you offer?

Our HPC computing farms offer several benefits, including reduced rendering times, increased productivity, support for high-quality output, scalability to handle large projects, and the ability to manage multiple rendering tasks simultaneously.

What type of tasks can a rendering farm handle?

A rendering farm can handle various tasks, including 3D animation rendering, visual effects simulation, architectural visualization, scientific data visualization, and other compute-intensive tasks.

Can traditional cloud services be used for computing instead of your specialized system?

Yes, traditional cloud-based rendering services like AWS Render Farm, Google Cloud Rendering, and Microsoft Azure offer these services. However, costs can accumulate based on usage and required resources very quickly compared to our solution. Notably, their infrastructure is far from our ecology (fully co2 free computing).


Can I pay monthly or yearly and get a discount?

Yes, we will give you a volume discount if you do so.

Does your price include taxes? Which countries are subject to taxes?

All our prices are excluding VAT and other taxes. You will have Finnish VAT (24 %) on your invoice if any of these conditions apply to you if you are a Finnish individual or a Finnish professional, or a Finnish company.

Finnish VAT will not be on your invoice if you are an EU professional with a valid intra-community VAT number or a professional or private individual outside the EU.

What is included in your introductory rate?

Our basic rate card includes pricing by hour, monthly and yearly. The billing is measured by the second if you use pay-as-you-use pricing. This price has 10 GB of storage included with support by email.

Can I pay in €, $ or £?

Yes, our base currency is Euros (€). But it is possible to arrange wire transfers for other currencies. We will use whatever conversation rate is then provided by the money transfer platform.

Will I be billed if my computing is stopped?

Our system will not stop your computing if you have chosen dedicated monthly or yearly billing. If you are using pay-as-you-use packages, you will receive an alert message if you need to recharge your account. You only pay for what you use, so stopped time won’t be charged.

You must ensure that your account has enough credit when you start a computing job. If you use our dedicated support person, they will notify you, too.

HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

Our typical processors are Dual Intel Xeon 2680v4 with 28 cores and 128 Gb RAM

Cores: 28
Threads: 56
Max Turbo Frequency: 3.30 GHz
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Frequency: 3.30 GHz
Processor Base Frequency: 2.40 GHz
Cache: 35 MB Intel® Smart Cache
Bus Speed: 9.6 GT/s
# of QPI Links: 2
TDP: 120 W
Overclocking: no
Hyperthreading: yes
Technology: 14nm
Hardware codec support: no
Architecture: x86-64 (64-bit)
Core Bench: 2352
RAM (GB) per server: 128
RAM / Core (GB): 5

HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

Scalable service with over 70 000 CPU cores available

Several processor types are available on request

Secure data centers with controlled and monitored access in a secluded location

Physical and digital asset protection and tracking; ISO 27001 and HDS certifications; ISO27001 certification in progress; NDA available per request

HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille
HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

Easy online access

A simple and straightforward interface for performing multiple and complex computations and minimizing the time spent processing your High-Performance Computing (HPC) tasks. And our specialists are always eager to help you succeed.

Care about nature

Benefit from a unique IT infrastructure that provides green cloud computing services that reuse server heat for buildings. We will reduce your computing carbon footprint by at least 80%

A detailed report clearly shows spending and energy saved so that you can report the benefits for every computation

HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

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HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

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