HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

Render your Blender 3D creations

Get an exact price quote, render time estimate, and sample frames for free! No credit card required.

Rendering has never been as fast, easy and reliable as with Aura Compuring, which is directly integrated into your Blender application. If you are a Blender user struggling with excessive rendering hours and want to find a new render solution, you might be interested to test our free demo out!

Access a fully environmentally friendly, over 70000-core CPU & GPU render farm network that caters to the media and architecture needs. We empower your creative business to process from small to large volumes of rendering work cost-efficiently, environmentally safely, and securely.

You will save time and hand over the work to the customer faster, improving job circulation and business profitability. And all with an environmentally clean conscience! 

Example Renderings & Our Prices vs. Competitors
Aura Computing: 12,30€ (16,40 – 49,00€)
Aura Computing: 74,80€ (142,70 – 221,70€)
Aura Computing: 125,31€ (182,58 – 614,96€)
Aura Computing: 222,77€ (231,49 – 742,51€)

Setting up is easy

At the beginning we’ll sign a contract and NDA. Next phase is talking about your objectives, resources, timelines, software version, and configuration set up. After setting up your user accounts, you’ll be able to pilot run on your materials to establish a baseline. After that just transfer your input Blender files and wait for the rendered results.

Input files transferred from your desktop for rendering.

Rendering of your materials with a cost-effective, CO2-free high-performance computing service.

Finishing up

Final phases include cost reporting, environmental emissions reporting, invoicing & updating baseline for further Blender projects and processes.

Emission reporting

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Meet your deadlines with ease & don't settle for lower quality

Use our render farm for your Blender projects and save both time and money. Upload your project, launch your render, and download the completed result.

HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

Rendering Demo Submission

We hope you will choose Aura Computing for your rendering needs. We are excited to demonstrate our capabilities through your demo render project. Please complete the form below with the required details and upload your files. We will process your submission as soon as possible and send you the results and output. We are happy to help you with any of your rendering needs.

The form may scroll on your screen. Please ensure you have filled in all the information, uploaded the file, and clicked the ‘submit’ button to complete the demo submission. Uploading the files may take a while, so please wait for it to finish patiently.

If you want to discuss any other topics, please use the ‘Contact Us‘ form on any of the other pages.