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HPC for Banks and Insurance

With Aura Computing, you leave no carbon footprint and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Reducing the carbon footprint is a global aim and a significant challenge for large banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies. Unfortunately, high-performance computing can be a significant source of CO2 in traditional data centers. We, however, have taken care of that for you:

  • Access a very low-carbon infrastructure of several tens of thousands of cores that reuse IT waste heat in buildings
  • Drastically reduce the environmental impact of your computing activities
  • Benefit from a detailed report on each energy expense item, so you won’t have to guestimate
  • Know the percentage of savings achieved compared to a conventional computing infrastructure

We understand banking and insurance are a delicate business

And that is why we take security seriously. The platform follows industry requirements on safety, including ISO 27001 and HDS certifications. We and our technology partner have security audits conducted annually by an external organization, and our technology partner has passed with flying colors five independent security audits on behalf of our clients, including central banks and insurance companies. 

HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

HPC for Banking & Financial Institutions

Aura Computing cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) empowers your financial institution to process and analyze large volumes of data efficiently and securely. It offers several benefits to the banking industry by enabling faster processing of complex financial computations, improving risk analysis, and enhancing customer experience. Please take a look at some typical Finance HPC use cases below. 

Financial institutions need to assess and manage risks associated with their financial portfolios. Cloud-based HPC allows you to perform sophisticated risk simulations, stress tests, and scenario analyses more quickly and accurately, helping banks make informed decisions to mitigate potential losses. 

High-frequency and algorithmic trading require rapid real-time data processing to execute trades. Cloud-based HPC provides the computational power needed to analyze market data, identify trends, and execute trades with minimal latency, thus enhancing trading strategies. 

Cloud-based HPC can analyze vast transaction data to detect real-time fraudulent activities and patterns. Machine learning algorithms can identify anomalies and deviations from normal customer behavior, helping financial companies prevent fraud. 

Banks can leverage cloud-based HPC to analyze large datasets and calculate credit scores more accurately. This enables faster and more precise loan approvals and underwriting decisions, improving the customer experience and reducing credit risk. 

Cloud-based HPC enables banks to perform intricate portfolio analysis and optimization. Complex mathematical models can be run on large datasets to fine-tune investment strategies, allocate assets, and manage risk across diverse portfolios. 

Banks must comply with various financial regulations and reporting requirements. Cloud-based HPC can speed up data aggregation, analysis, and reporting, ensuring timely compliance while reducing operational overhead. 

Banks can use cloud-based HPC to analyze customer behavior, preferences, and trends. This data-driven approach helps them personalize marketing strategies, improve customer service, and develop new financial products tailored to customer needs.

Cloud-based HPC can facilitate in-depth analysis of global market trends, economic indicators, and geopolitical events. Banks can use this information to make more accurate predictions, assess potential impacts on financial markets, and adjust their strategies accordingly. 

Accurate pricing of mortgage rates and loan products requires complex calculations involving interest rates, credit scores, and market conditions. Cloud-based HPC allows banks to analyze these factors and optimize pricing strategies rapidly. 

Banks often use quantitative research to develop innovative financial products, model market behaviors, and explore investment strategies. Cloud-based HPC provides the computational resources to test and validate these complex models. 

Cloud-based HPC can enhance customer service through real-time analysis of customer inquiries, sentiment analysis of social media interactions, and predictive modeling for customer needs.

As financial institutions embrace digital transformation, our cloud-based HPC can support the development of cutting-edge mobile banking apps, chatbots, and online platforms that offer real-time financial insights and services.

HPC for Insurance & Assurance Companies

How can you utilize high-performance computing for insurance and assurance businesses?

Our ecological and economical high-performance computing services suit well for the insurance and assurance companies’ business needs. 

Insurance companies can benefit significantly from leveraging cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize their services. Here are some of the most common use cases for insurance companies to utilize cloud-based HPC:

Insurance companies heavily rely on actuarial calculations to assess risks and set premium rates. Cloud-based HPC enables faster and more accurate actuarial modeling, allowing insurers to analyze large datasets and predict future claims and liabilities more effectively.

Cloud-based HPC can expedite claims processing by analyzing vast amounts of data related to claims history, policy information, and external factors. This enables insurers to make quicker and more accurate decisions, improving customer satisfaction.
Cloud-based HPC can enhance underwriting processes by analyzing diverse data sources, such as social media, telematics, and wearable devices. This data-driven approach allows insurers to assess risks more accurately and offer personalized insurance policies.
Detecting insurance fraud is a critical challenge for insurers. IN REAL-TIME, cloud-based HPC can analyze patterns, anomalies, and historical data to identify fraudulent claims and behaviors, reducing financial losses.
Typically, insurance companies use cloud-based HPC to perform complex risk assessments and scenario analyses. This helps them better understand potential risks, optimize risk mitigation strategies, and adjust their portfolios accordingly.
Cloud-based HPC enables insurers to analyze customer data and preferences, offering tailored insurance products and personalized services. Real-time data processing can provide customers with instant quotes and policy information.
Insurance companies must assess potential losses caused by natural disasters or catastrophes. Cloud-based HPC can run sophisticated catastrophe models that simulate various scenarios, helping insurers estimate potential losses and set appropriate reserves.
Developing innovative insurance products and services requires data analysis and modeling. Cloud-based HPC supports the design and testing of new insurance offerings by processing large datasets and assessing the viability of new products.
For auto insurance, telematics data from vehicles can be analyzed using cloud-based HPC. This data includes driving behavior, location, and vehicle diagnostics, which can be used to personalize insurance policies and reward safe driving practices.
Cloud-based HPC helps insurers gain insights into customer behaviors and preferences. By analyzing this data, insurers can tailor marketing strategies, optimize customer engagement, and develop cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
Reinsurance involves transferring risk to other insurers. Cloud-based HPC can analyze historical claims data, market trends, and other factors to optimize reinsurance strategies and minimize risk exposure.
Insurance companies must adhere to various regulatory requirements and reporting standards. Cloud-based HPC can facilitate data consolidation, analysis, and reporting, ensuring timely compliance with regulations.
Cloud-based HPC enables insurers to employ predictive analytics for various purposes, such as predicting customer churn, assessing policy lapse risks, and estimating claim frequency and severity.
Health and life insurers can use cloud-based HPC to analyze medical data, conduct risk assessments, and develop personalized health insurance offerings based on individual health profiles.
By adopting our cloud-based HPC solutions, your insurance company can gain a competitive advantage by improving operational efficiency, enhancing risk assessment, and providing better customer experiences in an industry that relies heavily on data analysis and precision.
HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

Discover the advantages of collaborating with us!

  • Deep understanding of your industry and business; we are business people who know technology
  • Personal and relevant service meeting your needs
  • Sustainability of our service is already taken care of on your behalf; ensuring CO2 reporting, compliance, and clean conscience
  • Safe and secure cloud data center in a dependable country;
    minimal business risks to you
  • Simple and cost-effective pricing model; our pricing is based on how much you use with minimal OPEX and no CAPEX investment is required
HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

Scalable service with over 70 000 CPU & GPU cores available

The waste heat generated from the data centers is reused to heat properties in cold countries. Our data centers are mainly in Finland, one of the safest locations in the world (with minimal physical, geographical, and political risks).

Secure data centers with controlled and monitored access in a secluded location

Our IT security measures include, for example:

  • Access to a Platform-as-a-Service dedicated to High-Performance Computing that removes the human risk of data leakage
  • End-to-end encrypted data that is not persisted on compute nodes
  • Computing nodes are not exposed to the Internet
  • We use bare-metal infrastructure, so there is only one client per computing node and no virtualization
  • Our machines reboot between each client to reset the state
  • We also have a Security Insurance Plan available on-demand

We also keep physical security in mind with the following:

  • Minimal personnel access
  • Fireproof and secure infrastructure
  • No batteries, inverters, generators, or hard drives in the same space
  • Secure physical sites that are regularly audited and reviewed by our professionals

Care about nature

Benefit from a unique IT infrastructure that provides green cloud computing services that reuse server heat for buildings. We will reduce your computing carbon footprint by up to 100 %. 

A detailed report clearly shows spending and energy saved so that you can report the benefits for every computation.

HPC for Banks and Insurance, hpc and rendering, game development, suurteholaskentaa yrityksille

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