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Implementation of Fire Simulations

Why fire simulations require so much CPU?

Various computer models cater to diverse analytic fire safety design needs, and their utilization has increased especially with the rise of performance-based design. Among these models, FDS (the Fire Dynamics Simulator) and Smokeview, both provided by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), stand out for tasks such as fire protection calculations. In practice, FDS can be used for simulating different fire scenarios, reconstruction of a fire scene, and evacuation planning. 

Fire simulations can be done with advanced CFD calculations (Computational Fluid Dynamics). This requires an excessive amount of computing power (CPU). Hardware requirements for FDS are at least one or more 1 GHz CPU and 1 GB RAM memory. Based on the properties of a particular model and the computing hardware used, simulation times can vary from few hours to even hundreds of hours without proper hardware. As time is often the most important resource, the overall design and the results should be available as early as possible. 

Fire Simulation - HPC
Screenshot of FDS - https://fdstutorial.com/

Why use HPC for fire simulations?

  1. Fire simulations involve intricate fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and combustion processes. HPC systems enable computation of complex mathematical models that accurately represent these phenomena, providing more realistic simulations of fire behavior.
  2. These simulations are computationally intensive, especially when dealing with detailed models or complex geometries. HPC drastically reduces fire simulation times, allowing for quicker analysis of different scenarios. This speed is particularly important in emergency response planning and time-sensitive decision-making.
  3. HPC is usually scalable, meaning the service can be expanded to handle larger and more complex fire simulations. This scalability ensures that the computing infrastructure can meet the evolving demands of fire safety research and applications.

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