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Blender render farms

Why choose a render farm for Blender projects?

Blender continues to garner favor as more studios’ workflows for modern animation and VFX projects adopt the software. And now with the release of the 3.6 build, more artists are continuing to take notice, making Blender their software of choice and employing it more often in their pipelines. If you are a Blender user struggling with post-processing and want to find a new render solution, you might be interested in the trend of render farm services but do not know which one is the right choice.

Rendering has never been as fast, easy and reliable as with Aura Compuring, which is directly integrated into your Blender application. If you are a Blender user struggling with excessive rendering hours and want to find a new render solution, you might be interested to test our free demo out!

An online blender render farm is a cloud-based rendering service that uses node-based cores with powerful GPUs or CPUs to accelerate the rendering process. Rather than having one machine responsible for creating a whole animation or presentation independently, you can command the power of thousands. In an instant, hours of rendering time are reduced to minutes. VFX and Animation studios who want to access more rendering capacity and maximize their productivity should use it.

How to choose the best Blender render farm?

There are many Blender render farms to choose from, making it challenging to find the best for your team or project. There are various aspects to consider before using any service. Here are five tips to help you:

  1. Relevant service
  2. Professional equipment
  3. Network service capability
  4. Rendering costs
  5. Ecology

Aura Computing aims to become the best render farm for Blender projects with our cutting-edge features and top-notch technology, which removes your carbon footprint from rendering.

Aura Computing continues to improve, focusing on domestic and international Blender users’ needs as more VFX and animation studios turn to it for their productions. We also support Maya, 3DS Max, V-Ray, Nuke, Guerilla, and many more. We offer you a powerful server (over 70,000 CPU & GPU cores) to achieve the speed for your high-end renderings.

Meet your deadlines with ease & don’t settle for lower quality. Our ecological and cost-effective Blender render farm has a free demo, so try it out!

Blender render farm

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