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How we are ecological?

Utilization of waste heat, refurbished servers & renewable energy sources​

Aura Computing prioritizes using only renewable energy sources (solar, wind, bio) and efficiently re-using the waste heat to warm our properties, particularly during the chilling embrace of winter here in Finland, Northern Europe. Excess heat is stored for later use in geothermal wells and sand batteries. On the top of that, our data center uses refurbished high-performance servers.

The most innovative facet is, in fact, our utilization of waste heat, a byproduct that is traditionally discarded into the atmosphere by other data centers. Our approach not only reduces the demand for additional heating resources but also lessens the strain on the power grid, further contributing to the sustainable computing. On the top of that, we don’t consume water for cooling our servers.

With us you drastically reduce the environmental impact of your computing activities.

ecological computing
how we are ecological

Why do you need an ecological data center?

Many experts estimate that data centers use up to 10% of all global energy production. Estimated global data centers electricity consumption in 2022 was 240-340 TWh, and their energy use is steadily increasing. For example, recovery of 100,000 MWh of energy (waste heat) per year would be enough heat to warm almost 7000 standard homes located in the Northern Europe.

One of the world’s biggest companies, Google, which owns and operates 15 data centers on four continents, is aiming to reduce their energy use in different ways. It’s said that Google’s data centers in the U.S. alone consumed an estimated 12.7 billion liters of fresh water in 2021 to keep their servers cool.

Just like Google, many big companies (i.e., Scala Data Centers and Iron Mountain) are using 100% renewable energy, but it’s not enough if big companies keep cooling their data centers with water. For example, a roughly two-week training for the GPT-3 AI program in Microsoft’s data centers in the U.S. consumed about 700,000 liters of freshwater, which corresponds to the manufacture of about 370 BMW cars or 320 Tesla electric vehicles. Companies like Aura Computing are in the ideal position to develop more sustainable facilities and hardware.

By choosing Aura Computing, your organization can reduce its’ impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Choosing a green data center

If you know the increasing importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility, seeking a green computing service might be the next step for you. Here are six compelling reasons why you should consider such a service:

  1. Environmental impact
  2. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  3. Cost savings in the long run
  4. Reputation and brand image
  5. Strict environmental regulations
  6. Access to Green Certifications

In conclusion, choosing a green data center can align with your company’s values, responsibilities, and long-term goals. It minimizes your environmental impact, reduces costs, enhances your reputation, and complies with evolving environmental regulations.

By selecting a green computing service like Aura Computing, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future and positioning your production company as a responsible and forward-thinking industry leader.

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